As a man, it can be hard to define your style sometimes. Especially here on Curaçao, where there aren’t many options for men’s fashion. But if you want to slay your outfits every day, there are a few things you can do to make sure you never go out of style…


  1. Create a mood board

If you have no idea what kind of style you have or want, the easiest thing to begin with is to create your own mood board. Just go online and collect the looks you like. The great thing about mood boards is that you can always add or remove items. This way you’ll always be inspired and able to re-create your style as well.


  1. Pick your colors

What’s your favorite color? And what colors look good with that one? Ask one of our employees to give you advice on what colors would fit you best. Once you know with what color combinations work for you, you know what to look for in the store.


  1. Mix ‘n Match

When you go shopping, always think of what’s already in your closet and how you can match that with a new item. If you can match one item with several things, you won’t have to wear the same outfit twice. #winning


  1. Get familiar with brands

At BRO Men’s Fashion we sell different brands, each representing a different style and look. When you found your favorite brand, you know what you can expect from them and don’t have to look any further; major time saver.


We hope these 4 steps will help you in finding your personal BRO style. Our stores are open every day, so feel free to drop by, check out our collection and ask for help!